Timeshare Resale Upfront Fee WARNING

Is Your Timeshare Resale Organization reputable?

Prices are down for just about any product or service in our current economy. Some Timeshare Resale companies are suggesting that you can get top dollar for your timeshares. How can this be? The answer is…SCAM. Many of these companies are not real estate brokerages, they are advertising companies. They may have a commercial on TV or even a website. They will proceed to tell you exactly what you want to hear, for an upfront fee. They prey on sellers by telling you that they have already found a buyer. Once you pay the up-front fee, you may never hear from this company again. This SCAM is costing people thousands of dollars. Long story short, you pay up-front fees and are still responsible for the timeshare ownership and maintenance fees for your timeshare.
So, how do you know if your Timeshare Resale Organization is reputable? Ask if they are licensed. Better yet, you can ask for their license number. You can also ask how long the company has been in business and how they will market your timeshare. You should check their score with the Better Business Bureau. You should never be charged an up-front fee, ever. A licensed and reputable broker will charge a commission only when your property sells. The last and most important thing you can do is use your common sense; if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Quoted Nancy Beaulieu from Paradise Timeshare Resale in  South Lake Tahoe. www.Timeshare-Resale.com

If you would like more information regarding reputable Timeshare Resale companies or more information on how to sell your timeshare please contact Nancy Beaulieu at [email protected].

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