Timeshare Marketing Scams on the Rise

CBS News reports that an increasing number of timeshare owners across the country are being scammed out of millions of dollars according to law enforcement officials. The Florida Attorney General’s Office says timeshare fraud tops their list of complaints with over 12,000 last year alone, outnumbering the second most frequent complaint by more than three-to-one. Officials at the Attorney General’s office in Florida say the majority of complaints come from consumers outside of Florida. The Attorney General’s Office received 707 complaints in July 2011 (access complete story here).

There are two common threads to all of these timeshare boiler house scam operations;

1)    They are not licensed timeshare resale brokers, and

2)    They all charge upfront fees.

Caveat Venditor – Only do business with licensed timeshare resale brokers and just say no to upfront fee companies.


By Carl Thoms – Broker/Owner – Paradise Timeshare ResaleSeptember 1, 2011

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