Timeshare Deals for only $1

timeshare in tahoe
If you’ve followed Paradise Timeshare Resale for any amount of time you’ve read all about our deals on timeshare resales for only $1. It was very interesting to catch a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle’s online newspaper, sfgate.com, in which they wrote about these deals as well. What was even more interesting is that they referenced Paradise Timeshare Resale’s offers! We had seen an increased interest in $1 listings and were wondering why the sparked interest all of a sudden. After researching we found that people came to our website through the Chronicle’s article.

As always, we have the best deals on timeshare resales. Not all are for $1 but you can find many at 50-75% less than owners originally paid. Contact us today to find a great deal. Sign up for our newsletters and you’ll be able to find out about all of our specials and other interesting timeshare resale information.

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