Whether you are a current Marriott Vacation club owner or a prospective new buyer, knowing all of the options available for your timeshare will help you in getting the maximum enjoyment from your ownership.

  1. Vacation at Your Home Resort – Single week owners can reserve 12 months in advance of their intended stay, while multi-week owners can reserve 13 months in advance.  You may also utilize either the lock-off option or the split-week option for your usage week.
  2. Exchange Though Interval International – After you have obtained a confirmed reservation at your home resort, you can then book an internal exchange (Marriott Vacation Club Resorts) or an external exchange through Interval international.
  3. Rent Your Timeshare – You can request to be included in the Marriott Rental Program and they will make you an offer based upon availability for participation.  If you prefer to rent it yourself, websites such as, and are good avenues.

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