How to Book Leap Year Reservations at Marriott Vacation Club

The call-in time frame to book a Marriott timeshare reservation(s) is based on the check-in date of your desired reservation, and not the day of the week. Over time many Owners have become accustomed to 13-month inventory releases taking place on Monday or Tuesday of each week, and 12-month inventory releases taking place on Wednesday and Thursday.

Due to the 2012 leap year, 13-month inventory release dates for 2012 and early 2013 reservations would be scheduled to take place in many instances on a Saturday or Sunday. However, because many international service offices are not available to Owners on the weekend, any 13-month inventory release scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday will now be delayed until the following Monday.

Additionally, the 12-month inventory release which has normally taken place on Wednesday (for properties with Thursday arrival) and Thursday (for properties with Friday arrival) will now shift to Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

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