Do you have an unwanted timeshare?

In this economy, many people have found themselves in a financial predicament.  Most concern themselves with money matters for their everyday lives so financing vacations and timeshares take a back seat. At the time they bought their timeshare things were great financially and the yearly maintenance fees didn’t seem like a big deal.  Fast forward to 2012 and maintenance fees are due and they can’t pay them.

What to do?

Many timeshare owners want to try and donate their timeshare to a charity, thinking the original value of their timeshare will be a great tax deduction.  But, the problem there is that most charities do not want your timeshare, no matter what the value.  They’d be responsible for an annual fee  that perhaps they’re unable to handle.  Since timeshare resale value is almost 0 in the tax man’s eyes, you won’t get the deduction you were counting on.

Other timeshare owners may feel they just want to stop paying their maintenance fees and walk away.  This isn’t a good idea either since your property would go into a non-judicial foreclosure and leave a nasty mark on your credit record.

What is the best way to approach this situation?  Sell your timeshare.  You may not get anywhere near the original amount you paid for it but you’ll be rid of the potential financial headache.  There are people out there looking for bargains on everything during these financially stressed times, and timeshare resale is no different.  At Paradise Timeshare Resale we hear from clients every day that want to sell their timeshare at almost any cost.  We also hear from a lot of clients that are looking for good deals on timeshares.  Our job is to match the two and make everyone happy!

Do you have a timeshare you’d like to sell?  Call us today at 1-800-996-2001 or visit our website.  We have lots of helpful information on how to sell your timeshare, facts on selling,  and  other important information you should know when selling your timeshare.

Interested in buying a timeshare resale?  We have some great opportunities on our website to get a great buy. We have timeshare resales in Hawaii and Lake Tahoe, and for the hotel resorts of Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and Diamond.  We also have resort points for sale as well.



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