This is the time of year when all timeshare resorts have mailed out the HOA fees for the upcoming year. It is also the time of year when the timeshare scam vultures come out in droves offering timeshare owners numerous gimmicks for a trouble-free exit from their ownership or the prospect of a quick sale; but seller beware. All of these companies are scam operators which charge hundreds, or in some cases thousands, of dollars to the owner. Do not do business with any timeshare companies that charge upfront fees and instead work only with licensed real estate timeshare brokers. Paradise Timeshare Resale is a licensed real estate timeshare broker that’s been in business since 1989 and enjoys an A+ rating from the Better business Bureau. We never charge any upfront fees and collect our commission only after the successful completion of a sale. Contact any of our knowledgeable timeshare consultants who would be happy to advise you on the marketability and a listing program for your timeshare.

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