Timeshare HOA Foreclosures

Timeshare Home Owner Associations (HOAs) are becoming increasingly more vigilant about enforcing their rights to initiate foreclosure proceedings against timeshare owners that are delinquent in their payment of annual maintenance fees. Many owners that are facing financial hardship, death in the family, or physical inability to travel, are opting to walk away from their timeshare ownerships and suffer the disastrous impact on their credit history attributable to the HOA foreclose process. Rather than succumbing to the foreclosure fate, owners can utilize the services of a licensed timeshare resale broker to help them sell the unit and avoid the credit blight.  Paradise Timeshare Resale can provide you with a market estimate and the net proceeds that you can expect from the sale of your unit.  Click on this sell my timeshare link and we will promptly advise you how best to sell your unit and avoid the HOA foreclosure process. If you are a timeshare owner that is still enjoying all of the benefits of vacation ownership, be sure to pay your annual fees in a timely manner. If for any reason you cannot continue to use your timeshare and wish to free yourself from future maintenance fee liabilities, give us a call at 800-996-2001.

Paradise Timeshare Resale – Carl Thoms – Broker/President August 11, 2011