Timeshare Resale Market

  • Selling Your Timeshare on The Resale Market VS from a Developer

When timeshare fractions were first introduced, the only way to purchase a timeshare was directly from the developer. Many owners realized the need to resell their timeshare after changes in their life such as a death in the family, divorce, upgrading to a larger unit, etc. Some owners simply made an impulse purchase and decided that timesharing did not suit their vacation style.  The timeshare resale market was started to fulfill this need. The fair market resale value of timeshares was considerably less than the developer price. Consequently, many owners found out they paid far more than the resale market price for their timeshares.

Here is why… Buying your timeshare from a timeshare developer is a lot like buying a new vehicle from a car dealer. A new car is not an investment; it is a tool for transportation. We are all familiar with this concept and do not expect our cars to retain or increase in value. You know that when you buy a new car and drive it off the dealer’s lot, that car has decreased in resale value. However, the “tool or use” value is still the same. Your new car can provide many years of excellent use but the resale value decreases almost immediately. Similarly, timeshare owners can receive many years of tremendous “use” benefits when purchasing a timeshare from a developer. However, that price is considerably higher than the resale market price. The difference is the exorbitant marketing costs paid by the developer. This can amount to as much as 60 to 70 percent of the purchase price! That is why you can save thousands of dollars buying your timeshare on the resale market.

Unfortunately, many timeshare buyers are not educated about what will happen when they buy a timeshare from a developer. This lack of knowledge has caused many first-time timeshare buyers to be duped by deceptive sales agents on the idea that buying a timeshare is an investment. Timeshare developers do not encourage this behavior but regrettably, individual timeshare sales agents have made many sales by presenting a sales pitch that timeshare is an investment like real estate. The greedy sales agent got a commission from this misleading sale and the timeshare owner got set up for a big disappointment.

  • Knowledge is Power

Timeshare prices in the resale market are set by supply and demand. In other words, a resale price is established when a buyer willing to pay the amount at which a seller is willing to sell. It is that simple. The timeshare intervals sold by Paradise Timeshare Resales are the exact same timeshares sold by the developer but in a different marketplace. Timeshares are fairly and competitively priced in both the developer and resale markets. However, the timeshare resale market is up to 80% less expensive than the developer market!

We represent thousands of private owners who need to sell their timeshare at the fairest price in the shortest time possible. We also represent timeshare Home Owners Associations and resort developers who need to liquidate their timeshare foreclosures, deed-backs and previously unsold inventory. Since Paradise is a timeshare resales broker, we can offer excellent prices on a wide variety of timeshare resorts. Developers can only sell their own resort property.

Remember, the true value of any timeshare is in the use. How can you put a price on the wonderful memories created on your family vacations? If you would like to find out how a timeshare can help you save money on your vacations, please call toll free 1-800-996-2001. You can speak directly to one of our experienced Timeshare Real Estate Agents who will be happy to answer all of your questions. Thank you for choosing Paradise Timeshare Resale.

If you would like to find out about how we can help you save money on your vacations, you can speak directly to one of our experienced Timeshare Real Estate Agents by calling 1-800-996-2001.