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Selling your timeshare? You do NOT have to pay Up Front Fees!

Nancy Beaulieu from Paradise Timeshare Resale in South Lake Tahoe shares secrets about the Timeshare Resale business. If you are selling your timeshare, you cannot afford to miss this short video clip. Nancy has been in the timeshare industry for 26 years on both the developer side and the resale side. If you are interested in selling […]

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Timeshare 101

If you’re searching for a way to own your own piece of paradise at a fraction of the price, a timeshare is a great option. When you own a timeshare, you literally “share” the property with other people, each getting a set number of days or weeks each year at the resort. When you buy a […]

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Timeshare Resale Upfront Fee WARNING

Is Your Timeshare Resale Organization reputable? Prices are down for just about any product or service in our current economy. Some Timeshare Resale companies are suggesting that you can get top dollar for your timeshares. How can this be? The answer is…SCAM. Many of these companies are not real estate brokerages, they are advertising companies. […]

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Tahoe Real Estate Update

Because of our ideal real estate office location in the casino core, we attract many prospective buyers and sellers for both timeshares and vacation home properties. It’s true that most people that walk in our office are seeking a good deal on a timeshare. We also see visitors interested in general real estate properties. We […]

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